Canada legalised weed in 2018 – should Britain do it?

Canada legalised weed in 2018 - should Britain do it?

Canada’s legalised it, so three British MPs go on a weed trip to see if the UK could do the same. Being the first major Western country to go fully legal, Newsbeat …


  1. It may be a good thing to legalise in Uk especially for the housing sector. There are a lot of vulnerable people that live in social housing where their neighbours smoke weed and these vulnerable people have adverse effects through passive smoking. If it was legalised the council and housing associations could ask people straight up if they smoke cannabis before they place them into properties. Then they could place all the people that smoke cannabis together so the people that don’t smoke it or have adverse effects from it won’t have to live with people who smoke it. Would probably solve a lot of the anti-social behaviour in the housing sector.

  2. Cannabis saved my life I am terminally ill and it stopped my seizures I had hyperthyroidism to cbd flower cured it all I am still terminally ill but it has changed my life cbd mixed with iligal buds as thc is good for you as long as it doesn't have thc booster chemicals in and other chemicals there is no paranoia to

  3. It is bloody potent around my bit, which is fine if you throttle that but sometimes I get what feels like a high thc bud, & that just fucks my head about.

    Decriminalisation is an extremely simple point, & yet, virtually no talk of it whatsoever, what are the god damned motives involved in keeping it a class B, hmmmmmm?
    Fucking exactly, incompetent arses

  4. Could go to prison for smoking a plant but go and drink all the alcohol and smoke all the cigarettes you want and we will pretend they don't cause mental health problems and cancer

  5. It’s a tough one because I think people should have the right to choose what they do with their own bodies, but I know it’s not uncommon for people to develop mental health problems from cannabis use. It’s become fashionable for people to boast about the medical effects on marijuana, but all medications affect people differently, and some have adverse reactions. Therefore I am highly torn on the subject of legalisation.

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