1. 2 mins in – nothing, slightly irritated from noises
    4 mins in – didnt notice anything different
    6 mins in – takes off headphones and looks around to see if external world is different. it isn't.
    8 mins in – im trying so hard to believe.
    10 mins in – I just want to be a baked cookie 🙁
    12 mins in – im gonna give up soon
    15 mins in – i give up man, this just making me irritated.

  2. I mean… i was very sceptical at first, and after 10 min listening to it i was kind of frustaded because only felt a very slight diziness… But then listening to music i felt extremely relaxed and happy, almost euphoric. No replication of high for me but a very positive and happy state of mind nonetheless (and weirdly enough, some redness in the eyes)

  3. Everything in a periffreals keeps changing form and shape and i am also struggling to use proper grammar and spelling. So if you are wondering yes, it works.

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