1. How did vet diagnose lymphoma? Blood test? Ultrasound? I just had ultrasound for my feline today that pretty much points to lymphoma, as it started with IBD. the only way to start chemo is to confirm lymphoma by doing biopsy of abdominal organs. I don’t want to put him through that stress and then stress of chemo. I want to see what cannibis does first.

  2. What up bro. My bulldog was diagnosed with lymphoma in the brain last week. I'm doing the renew bottle like Jesse said. He's had good days n bad. Had 4 seizures today so Jesse suggested the feco. If you can give me any advise or tips I'd greatly appreciate it.

  3. Hi Tino,

    my dog is having seizures and I checked out the the brand you recommended for the CBD oil. How did you register? like what kind of vet gave you an ok to use the oil? it says you need a doctor recommendation… i doubt my vet will give that to me…please let me know and thank you!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this! Do you mix the cannabis oil with anything? I'd love to know how you administer it. We mix it with coconut oil but my baby girl was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis and I'm not sure if the coconut oil caused it. The only human food she gets is fresh fruit and what I can't grab that my 18 month old throws on the floor…very minimal.
    I haven't given the oil to her the past 2 nights and I'm a nervous wreck. Any information you have on how you administer it is greatly appreciated!

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