1. Of course, cannabis is a way to self-medicate. For my own part, I have smoked a lot over the years, and can honestly say that it has really damaged the social and also deeper interaction with other people. In part, it was also my own choice to go that way, as I live a difficult life with much of forced loneliness. So it became a way to endure boredom and pain. For despite its shortcomings and the danger of using cannabis, there are also a few effects that one can experience as positive. If you are deeply depressed and has been for a long time, it is very difficult to feel anything at all about a nice feature film or music that you really love. Depression and grief have over time dulled one's senses. Then cannabis is a drug that quickly boosts this ability temporarily. In addition, it is an excellent enhancer of one's senses in connection with sex. There lies perhaps its greatest possible positive effect. Which makes it difficult to stop the drug from being used. Then there is the pain-relieving effect on the body. With years of grief, physical pain settles in the body and then cannabis is very effective in counteracting this, although it is temporary when using the drug. The problem for me today is how I should do, as I want at least the feeling of experiencing something, and at the same time living in a daily life without being together and being close to a woman. The world is sad enough to be filled with lonely people who are so without their own fault. For individuals who believe they once had the ability to have close relationships of love but are generally rejected, it is impossible to fully replace this missing with a fine family of parents and brothers or friends. There I think a lot of the problem is with drug abuse. It is for me anyway.

  2. I know a guy whose son got addicted to heroin in high school. The kid has gotten clean, but his dad says his son had a sparkle and life to him before drugs which has never returned. Very sad.

  3. If you need to self-medicate, you are not thinking clearly already. Marijuana has no positive side effects, that’s a myth. It causes paranoia and addiction and bad financial decisions. You don’t know what you’re ingesting. Nanotech laced weed is more dangerous than ever. But…you can’t save a Suicide mission…

  4. Hello Pam and Peter,

    I came upon your podcasts through Micheal Cornwall. Micheal and I have been Facebook acquaintances for several years. I appreciate Micheal so much for his down to earth and heartfelt ness . I have been in “ recovery “ ( a term used back in the 1980’s) for three and a half decades….Also like Micheal, I’ve had a number of important mentors ( some were also Jungians). Analysis and recovery have been very helpful for me in making healthier life choices….

    One of the aspects of a life lived without medications, drugs and alcohol has been one filled with feeling ( grief and gratitude) …These “ feelings” have been an ongoing source of imagination, vitality and deepening. I believe in deepening of soul (? ). The mythopoetic. Or mythological, as Micheal Meade writes of….Though i have no metrics or numbers or scientific basis for a life of Soul. I think Tom Moore also wrote about this is his books.

    But what I want to relate is that while I share nearly all your views on nutrition, drugs and alcohol, etc etc , I also sense that their is a lack of soul? I can’t quite put my finger on it. Of course there is a projection , a one sidedness in me as well.

    And I also feel that personality types ( love John Beebe’s work in this area) play a huge role in what We are drawn to in terms of our life experiences……. this is all to say, thank you, for reaffirming a life of good nutrition, abstinence from drugs, alcohol etc etc. oh, I just forgot “exercise” ! ….

    That reminds me of a line from one Allan Ginsberg’s later poems, “ I sat at the foot of a
    and he/ she told me everything
    F…..off, 23 skidoo
    watch your ass
    watch your step
    exercise, meditate, think
    of your temper–
    Now I'm an old man and
    I won't live another
    20 years, maybe not another
    20 weeks,
    maybe the next second I'll
    be carried off to
    the worm farm, maybe it's
    already happened–
    How should I know, says
    Allen Ginsberg
    Maybe I've been dreaming
    all along
    –from "After Lalon," 1992

    Again Thanks for your comments about marijuana. I’ve often felt similarly about marijuana, alcohol and drugs…It is affirming some how to hear these things. Particularly as marijuana becomes increasingly, “ mainstream “ ….

    That said, I think it’s important to realize I and other folks like you and Pam are probably in the minority? Even The esteemed/ illustrious Dr. Breggin came to good nutrition, meditation practice and exercise late in life, For all his worldly knowledge.

    So we are human, so terribly human. Warts and all. And with this i bid you an a-due.


  5. marijuana has ruined my life big time, it does not lead to other drugs.. but everything else he says is deffinatly true, i am 5 months off daily smoking for 12 years since i was a teenager and i belong in a psyche ward and im so depressed and anxious and confused and unmotivated that i feel like ive ruined my life.. past present and future.. almost suicidal, which is why i need you to reply to my comments Pam, i probably have permanent brain damage and i need your help with all this iodine and health stuff, coming by "the real truth about health" channel has pushed me over board, i want to trust you but your iodine info doesnt seem to suite worldwide goiter being fixed by iodized salt programs, i feel like im gonna have a heart attack at any moment im so stressed, no one told me this was going to happen to me, i looked up to rasta's in jamaica growing up because they smoked weed and were natural style focused, i got so trapped and now i have to feel like this forever, hopefully my brain changes but im so down a rabbit hole with this health stuff that unless i can figure this stuff out im going to be stuck like this forever

  6. He speaks the truth I've been there for year's and off and see what he's saying is totally the truth and anyone who Say's different doesn't recognize the difference because there mind will not let them see the difference unless they go off for many years and also get another person's point of view about them who know them during the years on and off.

  7. Hello Pam,

    This was a very informative and useful interview Pam. Thank you. There are members in my extended family who are currently recreating with cannabis, and are convinced that it is totally safe, and has no negative effects whatsoever on them. The two couples, both in their sixties, have smoked cannabis for years, starting back in the late 1960s or early 1970s. I do not know if they still smoke it, but I do know for a fact that they are now eating the mints, which can reportedly have cannabis levels from 10 to 20 times higher than the smoked cannabis of the seventies. So, talking about taking the edge off the day and ultimately one's entire life! A couple months ago, one of the husbands informed me that I really needed to try some of the new mints, even though he knows that health, fitness, and maximizing functional longevity are my hallmarks of existence. I told him that I only put into my body that which will enhance my goals, and nothing that will have detrimental effects upon me, to which he replied that cannabis will help keep my brain sharp, and will help make sure I don't get cancer (he told me that many scientific studies proved this). Of course, I knew this was not accurate advice, but I chose not to cross swords with him in the fancy restaurant where we all were dining that evening. He believes that since I am a whole food plant based organic eater that cannabis fits that category.

    The frightening thing is that these two couples are intelligent people, but the one thing they do not do is study health and nutrition to the extreme extent that I have for over 30 years now. Recently, I did email one of the couples four links to four talks by Dr. Michael Greger specifically addressing the health concerns of cannabis use, and there was no response from the husband or wife – had I received such information from someone else, I would have been quite grateful to the sender, and thank them for opening my eyes up to some real perils, but that was not the case, which leads me to now believe they are operating with what I call "selective seeing" where they look at information that supports their personal needs or desires, but not at research and facts that clearly show valid reasons to avoid what they are doing. If cannabis retains its psycho-active hold on a person for a week, as Dr. Breggin states, then these two couples are continually operating under its dulling influence, especially nowadays when cannabis is reportedly 10-20 times more powerful than the material they were smoking when younger. Thank Dr. Breggin for sharing his knowledge, as it has further opened my eyes to what I see these people doing to themselves. By the way, I have never used any recreational drugs, and I am very happy with life. I feel no need to alter my brain's perception of the world around me – things are great the way they are (at least in my own personal life).

    Take care …


  8. Marijuana being a gateway drug depends on the person. I was a marijuana smoker for a long time (a long time ago). I did try hashish a couple of times but never liked it, and i never took any other illegal recreational drugs. As far as legal recreational drugs go, i was a cigarette smoker for almost 14 years ( which i quit a couple of months ago) and I do have alcohol once in a while (twice a month, rarely thrice a month), which I think is ok…

  9. Law of the land protects your right to make bad decisions. No law is going to stop you from over-eating or chain-smoking, both of which are really bad for your health. Legalizing Marijuana is misleading many people, especially the young.

  10. The reason we now have a political climate of acceptance is the same reason that we now have a culture of distraction. It's a chance to let others get ahead…if you are a sleepwalker (pothead)….just know that everyone who isn't sleepwalking…is racing a head into productive happy lives. Poisoning your brain is never a good idea.

  11. Marijuana effects the pancreas and sugar regulation. The munchies after smoking dope is a consequence of a drop in blood sugar and sugar regulation response. This effects adrenals i.e. fight/flight paranoia and so on. Afterwards lethargy from exhausted adrenals. It effects those with a thin body type more because of higher metabolism. Host of issues but chief among them has to be medical spell binding and the loss of perception of diminished capacity. Also THC deposits in fatty brain tissue and takes a long time to process. Diminished math ability is documented. Depression is often subtle but apparent over time. Where did the joy go? The smoke is carcinogenic. The list goes on and on. America is self-medicating and its a disaster. Consciousness is a gift and free will is a gift. So sad to see the birth right exchanged for a bowl of pottage.

  12. I feel there are both goods and bads to marijuana. This perspective is very valuable because it has been underrepresented in this age of legalozation, but i don't quite think it is the full story. I know many people who have been helped by marijuana, including one of my friends with Ehler's Danlos syndrome and admittedly I smoke occasionally. i also know people who have had major anxiety attacks induced by marijuana. it effects everybody's body differently (like most drugs) and we need much more research to determine definitively the long term effects of marijuana.

  13. Im HF autistic and started smoking when my grandmother died when I was 15. I was depressed and also dealing with anxiety and OCD/repetitive behavior from autism. Long story short turned into an alcoholic at 18 to 23 and then went back to weed at 25 for four years with a gram a day habit and 5 cups a day coffee habit. In the period I tried anti depressants which made me manic, have insomnia, and I lost my mind. Finally at 27 had a counselor tell me she thought I was autistic and it changed my life. I'm sober now working on myself and I feel great. I can tell that alcohol, weed, and anti depressants sedate the brain. As someone who has an inefficient prefontal cortex, as someone with autism who has more activity in my fight or flight response it makes you so much worse. You wonder why there is a push on psychedelics, it's modern day brain washing and it's sedating the population.

  14. he looks and sounds great for 80. i'll still smoke occasionally, but when i decided to quit, its because i decided i wanted complete control over my full mental and physical state of being, and i want NO EXTERNAL SUBSTANCE, not even food, to have an influence on the way i desire to feel and think. i want complete autonomy. and it does impair CLARITY and discernment. hence why so many conspiratards these days are spinning off into the deep end with garbage disinfo like flat earth and Qanon and all sorts of garbage that makes REAL conspiracy like vaccines and animal food research look retarded by association. whats really amazing is the real fact that when you quit smoking habitually, the DREAMS BECOME EXTREMELY UNGODLY VIVID AND LUCID. everyone reports this.

  15. Dr. Breggin seems like a great guy. Lots of anecdotes, though.  While I wouldn't want to claim there can be no ill effects from marijuana, I would say that the evidence seems more mixed than what he presents. As one widely known example, the Beatles had very arguably their most creatively productive years while smoking marijuana. Mixed bag.

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