How to Make Cannabis Pain Relief Topical Application: Cannabasics #14

How to Make Cannabis Pain Relief Topical Application: Cannabasics #14

Save 10% on vaporizers, RAW accessories and more with the code “CANNABASICS” at Welcome to Cannabasics, today we are making a Cannabis infused pain relief topical….


  1. Using plants instead of the chemicals makes a realy unexact mess. One time you have a lot of the chemicals you want, the next time you haven't as much.

  2. Im sorry im a loong time smoker but with a newbie question …can you come out dirty for… Im trying to treat my daughter with guillan barre but… You know i want to massage her feet with this but im affaid

  3. opinions are like assholes. but, that isn't enough cannabis for any real pain relief. hells bells, roota (sp?) and camphor are doing more for this spray. i'd let it steep for 4 to 8 weeks also.

  4. Is there anything that can wake me up? I always crash after lads. For years I have not gotten used to it … and I have to use cannabis. Unfortunately, I suffer from infections that do not pass through me. please help me!!! Thank you … if there is anything that can convey to me the obvious inflammation that is better. Thank you for everything.

  5. Where do you get Datura? You had links to everything but the Datura and Rue.
    Saw seeds everywhere.
    Not tying to wait a year or 2 for a plant to grow.
    Go to your average florist and ask for that?

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