1. Anybody know why sometimes my distillate seeps thru to the mouthpiece (cartridge from dispensary ) It usually happens when theres about 1/2 or 1/4 left….the package reccomends 2.4-3.9 voltage and the lowest mine goes is about 2.8 – 3 ….im assuming my battery voltage is to much but it also seems to happen when I leave the cart out….any help please and thank ( alot ends up at the bottom under the holes as well as the direct middle of the cart, always leaving my with about 0.1 that's not able to be smoked)

  2. How long do you keep the decarboxilation capsule on the press ? Instructions say 20mins on , 5 mins off, but when we went to take it out there was so much pressure and it blew the cap off and all my f in rosin spilt . please advise I’m f in pissed at this point it took me 15 grams of weed to get 1 f in gram of rosin

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