1. Good video, I am experiencing the same shit you are… who figured life got extremely dull and boring after years of chronic abuse. Now I don't even stay high and it takes like 8 hits off a 90% + dab pen.

  2. Man thanks so much, you seen like a cool dude and i learned alot from the video.
    The ideia is right, if you got the money… then weed is going to be your dopamine production
    but if you run out of money your mind and body is going to be in a hell of trouble.
    its a fucking decision to make.
    is it worth livin' with the need of a herb? we cant answer that
    its a matter of choice.

  3. lol sorry bro not true weed isn’t addictive weed raises ur dopamine levels very very slightly but it doesn’t force happiness (which is what dopamine does) it simply amplifies ur thoughts and by doing that it makes it easier to become happy. he didn’t explain that. Don’t listen to him he’s a retarded fuck doctors don’t specialize in drugs dude

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