1. Smoking about half a gram of weed reduces my blood pressure significantly (From around 118/75 to 90/60). But the next day my lungs are irritated, and I cough a lot, until I have gotten rid of the phlegm.

  2. i just started smoking pot 3 weeks ago and im still the same. smoking wax and marijuana helps a lot of people including me. I smoke before class and it helps me pay attention and relaxes me when I have presentations.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I smoke regularly and am for legalizing weed but you just can’t make a video that will get thousands of views claiming that weed can be positive for the lungs. You can argue this point all day, but you can’t deny that when smoking anything, you inhale carcinogens along with the chemicals found in marijuana. These carcinogens are found while smoking tobacco or any other substance. I’m not saying that lighting up tobacco is as harmful as weed. Cigarettes harm you from the millions of chemicals added to the tobacco and paper to increase pleasure among smokers while eventually killing them from every type of cancer that exists. Weed can be very helpful (if used moderately), but it is ridiculous that you would say that weed helps the lungs.

  4. Everytime I look for a video on the health damages of smoking cannabis I come across either videos supporting its use, even claiming it doesn't cause lung damage, or a video looking to gain views and entertain rather than enlighten with actual facts regarding this subject. I've smoked cannabis for many years and I've only come to know the abdominal/stomach pain after smoking a joint or bowl. Often overlooked is the fact that when you are smoking, you are heating something up very hot and breathing in the chemical smoke that results. That is essentially inserting into your bloodstream toxins and potential neurotoxins that effect brain chemistry and function. It takes massive energy for your liver to have to continually detox these carcinogens out of your body. I no doubt know that my practice of smoking this substance has limited me in so many ways for so long.

  5. I no someone who has been smoking weed in his early 20's and nw he is 66 and can still work like 30 year…..besides ask ur self when was the last time you have seen a Rastafarian in a hospital….jus saying and the smoke more weed than anyone

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