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  2. Will the growth in concentrates and edibles being the most highest selling products in a dispensary, will that make master growers in higher demand in the future or lower the demand of growers ?

  3. Not trying to take anything away from this video. Or call them out on anything. This is a HUGE super advanced farm. Most likely capable of producing far more (quantity and quality both) than the farms I am about to mention. But I have personally flown over miles of Cannabis farms and poppy fields in Afghanistan. I know a 40 acre field is a quarter mile wide by a quarter mile deep, and I have seen those stacked end on end for miles planted in Marijuana… it was super cool, but even cooler was how beautiful the poppy flowers are in full bloom stretching from horizon to horizon (basically, probably just a mile wide by a few miles long but it seemed endless..)

  4. Hopefully Indiana legalize weed next they usually always follow after Illinois all these corn fields will turn into weed fields can you believe Chicago sold 19.5 million in the first week of recreational pot the dispensaries ran out of weed in the first week come on Indiana let's get it..

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