Marijuana legalization stalled in New York and New Jersey as support dwindles

Marijuana legalization stalled in New York and New Jersey as support dwindles

Just a few months ago, New York and New Jersey appeared to be on the way to legalizing recreational marijuana. Now, efforts in both states appear to be falling …


  1. People continue to go to jail and have arrest records for the rest of their lives because of politicians dragging their dead feet. If the money went towards giving them raises, it would be legal tomorrow.
    They would rather focus on useless laws like banning extra large soft drinks.

  2. Wait. did you just say we could go to MA for legal weed?????? I'm on the next damn train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we all move to Massachusetts and abandon NY it may turn the tide. Damn lawmakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. OMG blackberry kush. The sweetness of it. The smell and taste. I don't mind being a sober guy smelling heaven everywhere I go. Better than watching druggies and junkies. Need to avoid hardcore drugs and need to do heavy crackdown on it. Cannabis is safer by far than any other drugs. Might as well legalize and avoid the harm and cause of junkies. Just watching people fall, it's sickening and hurts a lot. Need to avoid it and have countermeasures to avoid people getting hurt from drugs, besides its better than having all these meds with all these side effects.

  4. What a joke Murphy is.. We gotta wait until 2020 election will be on the ballet when u vote for the president… Doesn't matter though the black market prices are still cheaper…

  5. THANKS GUYS!!! Now I can CONTINUE to suffer with chronic fatigue and CONTINUE to not be able to do anything I used to like to do due to a brain injury while sledding! THANKS USELESS MONSTERS! 😘

  6. We need to start forums about this topic and do non violent protest how does quam and Illinois come out the blue and get approved but we been fighting for years on this topic being from NYC and now living in nj

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