1. I’d like a recommendation for type of CBD, including terpenes that would help with pain, Fibromyalgia. I heard that CBD with Alpha Pinene, Caryophyllene and Limonine May be good, for example. What can you tell me about how to make or purchase this?

  2. I Have A Rare Condition Called Spino ceribular Ataxia. . I Have Been told it is a Deseese/ condition that is kinda Like Ms or Parkinsons it Affects the Cerebellum causess me to have bad vision witch in turn Gives me Really Bad Ballance Issues could CBD HELP??

  3. Any solid studies on the evolution of the ECS? (that can be explained in laymans terms). Be interesting to see if there are theories on the mammalian relationship with the plant throughout the years

  4. Hi AMA, very good video! informational, do you know where I could pick up some chemistry, biology books? which would you suggest for knowing everything about those topics? good books?

  5. My 15 year battle with chronic psoriasis on my hands is healing. When I take CBD I do feel euphoria but it is not due to being high, but rather the "new feeling" of my body without anxiety and worry.

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